Today is May 21, 2018 /

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Q. What are the essential facts of Rabbi Holin’s retirement announcement?

A. Turning 70 this year, Rabbi Holin will retire at the end of June, 2018. He and Susan will remain in Philadelphia but will be devoting more time to travel, family, and other activities.  


Q. Will there be any other changes to the spiritual, educational or administrative leadership of our Congregation?

A. No. Key personnel including our cantorial soloist, Rebecca Schwartz, our Director ofthe Early Learning Center, Sheri Cutler, and Elaine Stevens, our longtime Executive Director are all in place and committed to helping build our “Bridge to the Future”, our Gesher L’Ahteed.


Q. How will we be selecting a new spiritual leader for our congregation?

A. Our Rabbinic transition will occur in three phases:

  • Phase 1, “Engagement”, has already commenced and will continue through July, 2017. This important phase will map out a clear vision and set priorities for our future by directly engaging our congregation in an active dialogue using every available tool (meetings large and small, our website, committee work).
  • Phase 2, “Implementation”, will begin August, 2017 through January, 2018 during which formal recruitment will occur through the leadership of our search committee.
  • Finally, Phase 3 will take place between January and June, 2018 where  we will settle upon and conduct negotiations to have our new Rabbi in place by July, 2018.


Q. How can I help or become involved?

A. There are many opportunities during each of the three phases to become involved. Please contact one of our committee chairs corresponding to the phase(s) in which you’d like to help or be involved. Send inquiries to learn more about committees, their purpose and leadership, or just call us.


Q. Will we be recognizing Rabbi Holin for his many years of service and leadership?

A. Yes. An important part of creating “Gesher L’Ahteed“, our bridge to the future, is honoring and celebrating our friend and spiritual leader. Our “Gesher“, our bridge, serves to connect our rich history to our promise for the future. This transition is truly an opportunity to create continuity and renewal, and growth. There is no better way to cement this connection, to build this “Bridge”, than by celebrating Rabbi Holin.